Benny Jean

Benny Jean

Carl Wayne (2006-2007), Adam Swine (2008), Ian Hecox (2009-2013)
His pet flamingo, celery
People stealing his flamingo, That Damn Neighbor

Benny Jean is the main protagonist of the "That Damn Neighbor" series.


He is obsessed with his "pet" lawn flamingo, which that damn Neighbor often steals. This is what caused the Neighbor and Benny Jean to be on such bad terms. Benny Jean will often go to extreme measures to keep his flamingo, such as invading the Neighbor's house or breaking out of jail. Benny Jean has been arrested twice, in That Damn Yard Sale and in That Damn Prison Break. He was in parole for a long time, perhaps several years since the cop arrested him in That Damn Prison Break and said that he's going away for a long time. He and his best friend Cletus broke into the Neighbor's house and tried to take Benny Jean's "pet" flamingo but Benny Jean got caught and put back in Tallahassee jail. Benny Jean was released out of jail with That Damn Neighbor back in That Damn Punishment. His punishment was to make YouTube videos to support the environment or else he will go back to jail with That Damn Neighbor. Benny kept hallucinating That Damn Neighbor was interfering with his video to upload to get suggestions on how to support the environment. However, That Damn Neighbor was not interfering with his video making and later on, when Cletus ran to his bed feeling abused after Benny slapped him, That Damn Neighbor was lying with Cletus on his bed. In That Damn Shower, YouTube member pukipwner suggested, "Have a shower using shampoo and soap..... in 30 seconds. Wearing a speedo." Benny took a shower in 30 seconds that was very cold, then That Damn Neighbor stole his clothes. Benny ran to chase him while That Damn Neighbor got away riding on a truck. Cletus screamed when he saw That Damn Neighbor's face on Benny's speedo, which Benny said his crotch feels weird in. In That Damn Rap Music, the selected suggestion was YouTube member AndrewLeonardi who typed, "You guys should make a Music Video about the process of planting trees or flowers". Benny and Cletus were doing rap music with the lyrics, "Help the Earth, Plant Some Trees" but That Damn Neighbor kept messing around with them by playing Mexican fiesta music and stealing Benny's flamingo again. That Damn Trash Pile was uploaded where Benny Jean made a trash pile to make a house for his flamingo. But instead the Neighbour lives in the trash pile, this video however is not currently on YouTube and instead is on the Smosh website.

He made a cameo in Boxman's Girlfriend with Cletus.

He made a cameo in Holy Crap! 2 Billion Views!, when he laughed at George Zazz.

In Food Battle 2007, Anthony suggested that his and Ian's favorite foods (pink frosted sprinkled donuts and celery) be used as bait for catching people. Ian had failed while Anthony successfully lured Benny Jean who had chased the celery for a period of time before catching it and eating it.

Benny Jean also made a cameo appearence in Food Battle 2008. He is shown when Ian needs to ditch the donut that is about to explode. Ian is about to put it on his flamingo, but he stops after Benny Jean yells, "No! Not my damn pet flamingo!"


  • Despite only having slapped That Damn Neighbor once and being accused of traumatizing him speechless, he was put into a Maximum Security prison as said by the cop in That Damn Prison Break. However it might not have been maximum security since he easily escaped from it.
  • His name makes a reference to the Michael Jackson hit "Billie Jean".
  • It is unknown what Benny Jean's favorite food is, but it is highly possibly that it is celery, due to the fact that he wouldn't stop chasing it until he got it in the fishing for people challenge in Food Battle 2007.


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