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Barbershop Pole is a minor character in Lunchtime w/ Smosh.

Barbershop Pole was first introduced in "Fry Eating Contest!" He was normally seen in Ian and Anthony's garage when they would arrive home from the restaurant they visited. They remained friends with him until "MY FUTURE WIFE!" when Anthony accidentally revealed that Barbershop Pole slept with Ian's Future Wife. Ian has been furious with him ever since, and now he hates him. In "MY FOOD TALKS TO ME!", Ian was asked to say sorry to him. Even though he tried, Ian could not apologize. In "CONTEST WINNER!", Ian introduced Barbershop Pole to the winner of the Fort Breakout contest, Elizabeth. Elizabeth also kicks Barbershop Pole because Ian told her to, causing him to let out a Wilhelm Scream. The Barber Shop Pole was also in many Mailtime with Smosh episodes. In "Creepy Pokemon in Our Mail?!" as a drawing in the mail. He drew a picture of an anime hooker for Ian to show that he was sorry. Ian thanked him, but declared that he still hated him. In another episode, a picture showed Ian sleeping with Barbershop Pole's future wife as revenge. There even was an episode where Anthony was holding a baby. Ian wanted to hold the baby and took it over from Anthony. When Ian looked at his face, it was revealed that is was, a baby Barbershop Pole. Ian was shocked, the baby attacked Ian and Ian died.

The carcass of Mankey from POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 2! may be in league with Barbershop Pole.

In the Lunchtime w/ Smosh episode I LICK TURTLES it is revealed that Barbershop Pole and Ian are brothers. Ian said he still hates him, even if they're related.

The Barbershop Pole has never spoke, until Douche Steals Girl's Shirt where he speaks with a high pitched voice.

In HOLY CRAP! 2 BILLION VIEWS!, Barbershop Pole has a part of the video where he is chopped up by Connor Kenway's tomahawk. He also hates bowl haircuts, like the one Ian Hecox has.


The rivalry between him and Ian has been going on for at least 5 years now, since "MY FUTURE WIFE!"

  • So far, Elizabeth (the winner of the Fort Breakout contest) is the only person who isn't Ian or Anthony that has interacted with Barbershop Pole in any manner (in this case, she kicked him).
  • He is seen in the meth labs scene when Ian gets burned in Smosh Reality TV Show, he is also seen in Unitarded when they're looking for the key; also when Ian flips the table.
  • In "Playgirl Hoax REVEALED", you can see him next to Anthony.
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