Baby Ian Hecox was one of the the protagonists of Smosh Babies, along with Baby Anthony. He is often nicknamed as "Bread Head" by the other babies, referencing his bulbous, bread-colored hair.


As previously mentioned, Ian has bushy, overgrown pecan-brown hair that appears to be larger than his actual head. In the episode "Ian Finally Gets a Haircut" however, his hair is cut off, revealing the top of his head. From seasons 4-5, Ian wears a cyan colored shirt with green sleeves and what appears to be the picture of a strawberry doughnut in the center. In earlier seasons, Ian wore a navy blue shirt with a green dinosaur in the center. He wears a diaper like all the other babies.


Baby Ian acts a lot like a toddler, caring dearly for his teddy bear, Miss Hugs-a-Lot, to the point where it would appear he has a romantic relationship.

Unlike Baby Anthony, he often resorts to yelling as he communicates but overall his personality is similar to Anthony's.




He is voiced by Himself.