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BUSINESS BOY EMOJI CURSE (formerly Business Boy) is a Smosh main channel video.


If someone sends you the Business Boy emoji three times, you better watch out...

Ian and Anthony are sitting on the couch, Anthony thinking they should clean up the garbage strewn around the room, Ian disagreeing. Anthony wishes business boy were real to take care of the mess and Ian agrees, but then admits he does not know who business boy is, leading Anthony to have a flashlight held up to him by two feet and he speaks of the business boy legend.

"Legend has it that if you receive the business boy emoji three times, he'll show up to your house and take care of all of your responsibilities."

The video then transforms into a trailer of sorts, with ominous title cards.

They say some kids grow up too fast...

Ian decides he needs to be more responsible and sends himself the emoji three times and is immediately positive about his life.

But for those who never grow up...

Ian is slowly vacuuming in the bedroom, to Anthony's bewilderment and he realizes Ian is crying. Ian then tells him he is being forced by business boy to clean.

He'll come for you....

Anthony is then thoroughly amused and starts to snap Ian's misery. However, looking into the phone he is able to see business boy forcing Ian to clean and his demeanor immediately changes and Ian begs for help, Anthony not knowing how to help his friend.

He won't rest-

He won't stop until he gets what he wants

Ian has been forced to be responsible for a while, listing the tasks he has been forced to execute by business boy. Anthony is by his side, supporting him and giving him encouragement. However, the two are exceptionally horrified to realize Ian is being forced to do taxes like Wesley Snipes. However, neither knows what or who Wesley Snipes is.

Anthony realizes they need to fight back and he prepares battle materials. He protects his eyes in a way that he cannot see and coming to save Ian, he bumps into various objects. Meanwhile, Ian is suffering while rolling lint off his clothing. Still not being able to move past, Anthony finally rips off his eye protection. Anthony decides to save Ian by sending business boy to himself and he is forced by business boy to floss his teeth until he is bleeding profusely.

Ian is not saved by Anthony's heroic measures. Business boy monitors his food consumption, forcing Ian, with the use of an electric shock device, to choose nonfat milk over whole milk, which is much tastier.

Later, Ian and Anthony are back on the couch speaking Mandarin because they were forced to learn it. They lament that they are too responsible and they must get rid of him. Ian comes up with the idea of a chain message in which he includes business boy three times: Text this to 3 friends or you won't get to kiss your crush. The message is spread throughout the world possibly millions of times.


  • The video was previously titled "Business Boy", but soon after was retitled to "Business Boy Emoji Curse".
  • This is their third video concerning emojis, the first two being Molester Moon and Sexual Sun, respectively.
  • The baseball bat Anthony creates to defeat business boy may be a nod to the show The Walking Dead, in which the character Negan carries around a deadly, wire-wrapped baseball bad named Lucille. Furthermore, Smosh has made a video about The Walking Dead.
  • Noah's foot was Anthony's extra foot holding the flashlight when he was explaining the story of the Business Boy emoji in the video. He also played Business Boy himself.
  • When he comes to save Ian, he bumps into the various objects on the ground, which may be a nod to their first emoji video, Molester Moon.
  • As stated in the BTS, Olivia recorded herself saying the lines in Mandarin for them to say in the video.