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BUCKET OF DOOM is the nineteenth episode of Board AF and the twelfth special of Smosh Winter Games - Again!. It was released February 19, 2017. They play Bucket of Doom in the video.

Video Description

Ever wondered what you’d do if you woke up buried alive in an airtight coffin? Or you discover you had an alien parasite in your stomach?

In BUCKET OF DOOM players take it in turns to share their daring escape from impending doom using one of their personal object cards to escape. Players vote for their favorite story and the best plan wins!

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Smosh Winter Games...AGAIN! Taking over Smosh Games and Smosh 2nd all through February!


Round One

  • 1st - Lasercorn (3 votes)
  • 2nd - Shayne (2 votes)
  • 3rd - Wes (1 vote)
  • =4th - Flitz (0 votes)
  • =4th - Boze (0 votes)
  • =4th - Olivia (0 votes)

Round Two

As Flitz and Lasercorn were tied, a second object was selected in a tie-breaker situation.

  • 1st - Lasercorn (3+4 votes)
  • 2nd - Flitz (3+0 votes)
  • =3rd - Wes (0 votes)
  • =3rd - Boze (0 votes)
  • =3rd - Shayne (0 votes)
  • =3rd - Olivia (0 votes)

Overall Results

  • 1st - Lasercorn (2 wins)
  • 2nd - Flitz (3 votes)
  • 3rd - Shayne (2 votes)
  • 4th - Wes (1 vote)
  • =5th - Boze (0 votes)
  • =5th - Olivia (0 votes)


  • This is the first episode of Board AF to not feature Jovenshire, meaning that as of this episode, no member of the Smosh Games Crew has appeared in every episode of Board AF.