BOZE IS A SERIAL KILLER - FRIDAY THE 13TH is the first episode of the Smosh Games series Surviving Mondays.


We're playing some Friday the 13th and Boze is totally a trained serial killer!


Round One

The game starts off normally, but Damien suddenly disconnects from the game. The other survivors won.

Round Two

  • Killer: Mari
  • Killed: Flitz, Joven, Wes, Flitz again (as Tommy Jarvis), and Boze
  • Survived: Damien

Round Three

  • The game connection timed out, so no game was played.

Round Four

  • Killer: Damien
  • Killed: Joven, Wes, Boze, Wes again (as Tommy Jarvis), Flitz and Mari
  • Survived: None

Round Five

  • Killer: Boze
  • Killed: Mari, Wes, Joven and Damien
  • Survived: Flitz

Fan Interaction

  • Damien commented saying: 'Who knew Boze had such a murderous streak???

(Me. I did. Actually everyone. Help).' It received over 2.1K likes.

  • Joven commented saying: 'I love how this video turned out!!! What should we play as a group next?' It received over 1.6K likes.
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