BOUNCE HOUSE BOXING! is the 210th episode of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang and was released on October 7, 2016. This is the last episode of Game Bang to be in its original format before the new Game Bang 2.0 launched the week after.


Not only do we kill each in cardboard boxes, but Joven and Lasercorn have the ULTIMATE boxing rematch – this episode is packed with epic moments!


The bottom two players must have a boxing match using Socker Boppers in an inflatable boxing ring.


  • 1st - Sohinki (24 pts)
  • 2nd - Wes (21 pts)
  • 3rd - Lasercorn (16 pts)
  • 4th - Mari (13 pts)
  • 5th - Jovenshire (8 pts)


  • Lasercorn replaced Mari in the punishment as she "paid him" to take her spot, making this one of the times a losing player avoided their punishment.
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