"Blades and guns exploded everywhere, thus killing Boom and his obnoxiously named little brother Bewm."
—Lasercorn concluding the strategy to kill Boom and Bewm[src]

BORDERLANDS 2 BOOM & BEWM is the first episode of the Smosh Games series Boss Fight of the Week. In this episode, Lasercorn and Sohinki take on psychotic brothers Boom and Bewm in Borderlands 2.

It was released on September 27, 2012, alongside the Smosh Games Review episode BORDERLANDS 2 REVIEW.


The guys show how to take down BOOM & BEWM from Borderlands 2


  • Boss: Boom and Bewm from Borderlands 2

The Boss Fight


Sohinki crippled by Bewm shortly before Lasercorn takes him out.

Sohinki and Lasercorn start the fight against Boom and Bewm on the wreck of the Ice Sickle in the frozen tundra of Southern Shelf. Lasercorn quickly loses most of his health but continues fighting after Sohinki revives him. Bewm appears, and Sohinki shoots his pistol at him, stating that he will handle him. Sohinki sets Bewm on fire from a distance and unleashes a hail of bullets at Bewm, who activates his jetpack and flies off. Bewm lands near Lasercorn, who is about to attack until he is shot in the back, crippling his health for the second time. Lasercorn and Sohinki continue to unleash hails of bullets at Bewm. Bewm manages to cripple Sohinki, but Lasercorn kills him soon after.

Sohinki reads about his Gunzerking ability until a "visibly upset" Lasercorn, who is busy fending off enemies, tells him to rejoin the battle. Sohinki and Lasercorn proceed to take on Big Bertha, one of the Ice Sickle's manned turrets. Lasercorn's plan is to distract Big Bertha while Sohinki runs up to and attacks it. Sohinki waits for his Gunzerking ability to recharge and, once so, he charges toward the turret. Lasercorn is unsuccessful in distracting the gunner, despite relentlessly shooting at it. Sohinki chastises Lasercorn, but due to Gunzerking at that moment, Sohinki manages to take down the turret despite being shot by it multiple times at close range.


Lasercorn finishing off Boom with a second critical hit from his knife.

Lasercorn finds Boom amidst the chaos and swipes at him with his knife, gaining both a critical hit and Boom's attention. Lasercorn continues to fight Boom while Sohinki fights off enemies until he gets the idea to Gunzerk Boom. After said ability finishes recharging, Sohinki shouts "Gunzerk Ho!" and doggedly shoots his twin pistols at Boom, while at the same time Lasercorn continues swinging at the boss with his knife. The combined might of an unyielding Lasercorn and a gunzerking Sohinki proves to be too much for the already-crippled Boom to handle, allowing them to finish him off.

Sohinki and Lasercorn celebrate their victory. While picking up the supplies dropped by Boom, Lasercorn mocked the "obnoxious" spelling of Bewm's name.

Strategy Recap

  1. DIE - Let the enemies' guards down by faking your death. From then on, the enemies will underestimate you.
  2. KEEP DYING - Allow the enemies to kill you a second time to "really drive the point home" that you are no match for them.
  3. LUCKY LEVEL UP - Level up soon after your second death. The enemies will be too surprised to efficiently react, allowing you to take down the first boss.
  4. GET MAD AT TEAMMATE - Tell your teammate to hurry up after gaining a useful ability.
  5. PROFIT - You and your teammate will kill the second boss by launching a joined "two-prong attack", followed by an "explosion of death".


  • After defeating Boom and Bewm, the victory theme from Super Mario Bros. played.
  • Ian and Anthony make brief appearances to taunt Lasercorn and Sohinki.
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