BODY SWAPPING FOR A DAY?? (The Show w- No Name)

The video thumbnail featuring Olivia, with Noah's hair, and Noah, with Olivia's hair

BODY SWAPPING FOR A DAY?? (The Show w/ No Name) was uploaded on November 28, 2017 and is the fifty-eighth episode of Smosh Pit's The Show That Has No Name!.  Keith Leak, Olivia Sui and Noah Grossman are the hosts.


We answer some AWESOME fan questions like what our favorite song is of 2017, or which squad member we would want to trade places with! We have all that and MORE on The Show With No Name!

Squad interaction with fans

The channel posted a comment, stating "Thanks for watching! Which Squad member would you want to swap places with for the day?"

Olivia and Courtney each posted similar comments, Courtney writing "I love these people so much" and Olivia writing "I LOVE THESE 2 BOYS SO MUCH."

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