BLOWDART PUNISHMENTS IN THE CULLING is the 202nd episode of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang. It was released on August 12, 2016.


WE turn on each other in the CULLING for a brutal deathmatch - who will survive!


Use a "blowdart" to pop a balloon and do the punishment inside it:

  • Mari: Twerk whilst singing the alphabet.
  • Flitz: Squeeze cupcakes under your armpit.
  • Wes: Smell each person's feet and rate them from best to worst.
  • Jovenshire: Kiss everyone's knees and Clothespin Face


The winner of each round was free from the punishment.

Round One:

  • 1st - Sohinki
  • 2nd - Flitz
  • 3rd - Mari
  • 4th - Jovenshire
  • 5th - Lasercorn
  • 6th - Wes

Round Two:

  • 1st - Lasercorn
  • 2nd - Mari
  • 3rd - Wes
  • 4th - Flitz
  • 5th - Sohinki
  • 6th - Jovenshire


  • Wes claims that he has no sense of smell in the punishment but is still able to smell the other's feet.
  • Jovenshire had to do two punishments as, whilst completing his first punishment, another balloon popped which he claimed was because of his mind powers.
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