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"That's MacGyver-ing it. 'Don't have a mortar tube? Use your bare hands like a man!'"
—Lasercorn after Sohinki recklessly threw a bare mortar at the enemy

BLACK OPS 2 is the 7th episode of series Dope! or Nope and the series' single episode of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It was released on November 13, 2012.


We take a look at the Campaign of Black Ops 2 to see if it's Dope!


Lasercorn and Sohinki trying out Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


  1. Lasercorn doped the opening and how it "draws the player in".
  2. Sohinki doped how his character activated a mortar and "just chuck[ed]" it at an enemy.
  3. Sohinki called for a dope when he used a machete to slit an enemy's throat.
  4. Lasercorn and Sohinki doped the view from air support.
  5. Lasercorn doped the character Jonas Savimbi.
  6. Sohinki called a dope after his character dropped out of a helicopter onto an enemy boat and was ambushed by one of its personnel. After a brief struggle, it ends with his machete in the enemy's neck.
  7. Lasercorn and Sohinki doped the variety of the boats they fought on instead of all the boats being the same model.
  8. Sohinki doped the bear traps.


  1. Lasercorn noped how an enemy truck did not explode when he shot it with an RPG.
  2. Sohinki noped "the 'no friendly fire'".
  3. Sohinki noped how it took multiple successful hits by Valkyrie Rockets to take down a single helicopter.
  4. Sohinki noped the lack of subtitles for foreign dialogue.

Final Verdict

With a total of eight Dopes and four Nopes, as well as two unofficially counted Dopes by Lasercorn, the campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops II "thus far" receives an overall Dope. Sohinki said that the graphics were "slightly improved, but pretty much the same" and calls it "dope with a few caveats".


  • Sohinki appeared to want to nope how Lasercorn could not kill one of their squadmates for a grenade launcher said squadmate had, but Lasercorn vetoed it because it was part of the story.
  • Sohinki said that he "kind of" wanted to nope the "no friendly fire", but it was officially counted anyway.
  • Soon after doping Jonas Savimbi, Lasercorn mistakenly believes his pistol fire made a truck explode, when in fact it was a tank on the left of the screen that shot at it.
  • Lasercorn called how shooting the driver of a boat makes it "go wonky" dope, but for whatever reason, this was never counted.
  • Lasercorn doped a cutscene in which Sohinki's character blocked an enemy's knife, pushed them away, shot said enemy in the face, then escaped through a window, but this never counted.
  • This is the first episode of Dope! or Nope in which no comment on the graphics was made until the post-verdict commentary.