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BLACKOUT MODE IN REAL LIFE is the second and final episode of the Smosh Games series Blackout In Real Life and was released on 21st October.

Thanks to Activision for sponsoring this episode. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 out now! Get your copy today!


To celebrate the new battle royale mode for CoD Black Ops 4, we hit the paintball course for some real life Blackout mode!


  • Smosh Games - Damien, Lasercorn, Boze and Wes
  • Not Smosh Games - Ian, Courtney, Davis and Schroeder


Round One

  • Smosh Games (0) Vs Not Smosh Games (4)

Round Two

  • Smosh Games (4) Vs Not Smosh Games (0)

Final Scores

  • Most Kills: Lasercorn
  • Most Paintballs Fired: Ian
  • Best Ref: Matt Raub


Fan Interaction

  • Lasercorn commented saying: 'I wish I'd figured out how to throw that grenade.' It received over 180 likes.