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"That game couldn't disappoint me because I expected nothing from it. It's like, 'Let's take Dragon Ball Z and pair it with the Kinect!' Two things I hate already!"
—Lasercorn while the discussion focused on Dragon Ball Z For Kinect

BIGGEST GAMING DISAPPOINTMENTS is the 11th episode of Gamer Nation, hosted by Lasercorn, Jovenshire, and Sohinki, who discuss games that have notably disappointed them. It was released on December 8, 2012.


We tap into our inner rage to look back on the biggest gaming disappointments


Jovenshire, Lasercorn, and Sohinki in discussion.

Lasercorn mentions NeverDead, complimenting the concept but criticizing the execution. Sohinki joins in and he and Lasercorn start criticizing various portions of the game. None of the guys remember who developed it.

Sohinki, a big fan of the Twisted Metal franchise, was disappointed by Twisted Metal III, criticizing things such as the level designs and the lack of focus on action and vehicle combat.

Jovenshire's biggest gaming disappointment was Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. Joven recalls talking about it in the Why We're Single episode SEQUELS THAT JUST SUCKED. Joven explained that the first Force Unleashed had a great story, simple but complex combat, etc. The sequel had relatively oversimplified combat, a "horrible" story, and the promise but the cancellation of a third game since the developers were all fired. Joven also explains that the DLC for the sequel, which was an expansion of the DLC for the first game, takes place in an alternate timeline in which Marek kills and replaces Vader and goes to Tatooine and kills Kenobi; the sequel's DLC was supposed to continue that storyline, yet Vader was still alive, meaning that the developers did not care about the game's own canon.

Ian's biggest gaming disappointment was Spore. They preferred playing as spores looking for microbes then the endgame involving real-time strategy. Anthony said that it was simply too ambitious.

Anthony's biggest gaming disappointment was Age of Mythology. Anthony was such a fan of the franchise (specifically Age of Empires II) that he created and ran an entire fan site for the franchise. This was before Anthony created, so he half-jokingly called his lack of interest in Age of Mythology a "blessing" since it would have detracted from his time running in its early years, should he have become addicted to Age of Mythology.

On Twitter:

  • @Souleater177 - "Dragon ball z for kinect" Joven mentions that Ian and Anthony would definitely agree with this, mentioning the Gametime with Smosh episode THIS GAME SUCKS DRAGON BALLS. Sohinki mentions that there has never been a notably good DBZ game.
  • @UnrigolerNewman - "call of duty black ops, red dead redemtion every game on the wii" Sohinki mentions the dispute over the best Call of Duty and they all disagree that Call of Duty: Black Ops is the worst CoD game. Everyone disagrees with Red Dead Redemption being on the list. They also mention the gallery of good games on the Wii, despite the rogues' gallery of bad ones (the Wii version of Black Ops earned a dishonorable mention).
  • @DarrylNeary - "I think I might be the only one who thinks this, but Halo 4." They all disagree on the multiplayer being bad, but Joven does favor the campaign of the similarly-released Black Ops II, but was good. Joven calls it "epic without being over-the-top" and he and Lasercorn agree that Halo 4 is the best Halo game to date.


  • While Joven was explaining the superiority of The Force Unleashed over its sequel, Sohinki compared Joven's description of the combat to a line from Shakespeare's book Othello (specifically "A minute to learn but a lifetime to master").
  • While talking about Dragon Ball Z For Kinect, Joven accidentally called Kamehameha "Hadoken", a move from Street Fighter.