"It's Friday, so that means you guys get some Top 5 greatness for your faces. This week, it's the top five robots in video games. Now, you guys have been asking me to do this on Twitter, so here you go!"

BEST ROBOTS IN VIDEO GAMES is the 9th episode of Top 5 Friday, hosted by Jovenshire. It was released on November 23, 2012.


Jovenshire counts down the top 5 robots in video games BLEEP BLOOP BLEEP


  1. Mega Man, Mega Man: Mega Man is a classic robot protagonist, who was great because he could take on the abilities of defeated enemies and use it against future enemies.
  2. PROXY, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: PROXY was a prototype holodroid whose main purpose was to kill Starkiller to keep the Sith apprentice on his toes while serving as an ally.
  3. Fulgore, Killer Instinct: Fulgore meant business, since he was strictly programmed to defeat every combatant in the tournament. His appearance on the cover art, according to Jovenshire, helped sell the game.
  4. Legion, Mass Effect: Starting as an enemy from the first game, he went from an emotionless, logical robot to a character that got Jovenshire to cry.
  5. The "cyber-ninjas", Mortal Kombat: Jovenshire groups together Cyrax, Sektor, Cyber Smoke, and Cyber Sub-Zero. An army of robot ninjas will mess with someone harder than an army of regular ninjas ever could.


  • Joven gave honorable mentions to Wheatley and GlaDOS from Portal.
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