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BEST OF SMOSH 2018 is a Smosh video released on December 31, 2018. Ian and almost the entire Smosh Squad participate in the video (barring Olivia, who could not attend).


We reflect on our favorite Smosh moments of 2018. What were some of your favorite moments? Comment down below and argue with complete strangers as if your opinion is the only one that matters!



  • Ian Hecox as himself
  • Noah Grossman as himself
  • Keith Leak Jr. as himself
  • Courtney Miller as herself
  • Shayne Topp as himself


  • Director: Ryan Todd
  • Producer: Ryan Todd
  • Editor: Ryan Todd


The group agrees that they did and learned a lot this year and that Smosh has been doing great (unlike its parent company). Olivia wanted to make it for the recording of this video, but she had prior reservations as the restaurant Buca di Beppo.

2018 Smosh Favorites

  • Noah's favorite sketch from 2018 is EVERY 7-ELEVEN EVER. Keith brings up his clip from the video.
  • Ian's favorite sketch is How To Stand Up To A Bully! Ian comments on how it was the first time Olivia was portraying a "mean" character. Courtney likes the deliveries of Ian and Shayne. Shayne mentions Olivia's "jello leg" (a dummy's leg).
  • Shayne has two favorite videos from 2018: RAPPERS IN 2018 and HOW TO BE FAMOUS ON YOUTUBE. The group talks about Noah and Keith's roles as background dancers in the former and the latter's introduction of Brianna Boho.
  • Courtney also has two favorites: one is the You Posted That? episode CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show! (Courtney gushes a bit about Chris Pratt) and IF FRIENDS WERE REALLY HONEST. Courtney mentions how a lot of the things they shouted during the latter were improvised.
  • Keith's favorite sketch of 2018 is EVERY HAIRCUT EVER because of the last clip. The extra cast members exclusive to that scene include William Haynes, three of Keith's performing arts friends, and Boze. Courtney mentions one of the outtakes.
  • Olivia's favorites from 2018 include RAPPERS IN 2018, How To Stand Up To A Bully!, and HOW TO BE FAMOUS ON YOUTUBE. Shayne sarcastically berates Olivia for having the same videos as other people.

2018 Smosh Pit Favorites

Ian prepares to wrap up the video, mentioning that is has been "a hell of a year". Courtney asks the audience to post in the comments their favorite Smosh and Smosh Pit videos from 2018. Shayne and Courtney express hope that 2019 will be a good year.

Fan interaction

  • Ian posted in the comments: "Thanks for making it through this year with us! It's been a crazy one. I've also created an "Our Favorite 2018 Smosh Videos" playlist so you can spend the New Year watching some of the best stuff we put out in 2018! You can find it on our channel page or the end card of this video. Love you! Have a safe, happy New Year! -Ian"
  • Courtney posted in the comments: "I hope 2019 becomes my favorite pizza place"
  • Olivia posted in the comments: "2019 gonna be fireeeeee littttttt fireeeeee'"

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