Lunchtime 61

The video thumbnail featuring then-Smosh member (and co-founder) Anthony Padilla

 is the 61st installment of the IanH show Lunchtime with Smosh.

Key events:

Ian sings hero and Anthony sings the jigglypuff song with food in his mouth.


Carl's Jr.

Full synopsis



The camera is crookedly on a duo walking outside and Ian and Anthony comment on them. The animation commences.

The drive

Ian and Anthony are both wearing dark sunglasses and so they speak in alien voices. Anthony is driving today and the friends are going to buy fast food.

Ian then removes his sunglasses and says the food will be American, however, they adding a twist that is comprised of a rule that they cannot get a food that has the first letter of their first names. Ian's choices are proven by Anthony to be quite limited and the duo realizes that Ian can't even breathe air.

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