BECOMING LIFEGUARDS FOR A DAY! is the 1st episode of the Smosh Pit series Day Jobs. It was released on September 22, 2018. It features the entire Smosh Squad being trained as lifeguards by lifeguard and swimming instructor Ashley Ukleja.


We learn what it takes to be a lifeguard for a day!

Special thanks to our lifeguard instructor, Ashley, for not letting any of us drown!

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As Ashley explains, to perform CPR...

  1. Survey the Scene. If the area looks clear, it is safe to approach.
  2. Announce Yourself. Aggressively tap the victim on the shoulder and loudly ask them if they are alright.
  3. Designate Jobs. Once it is clear that the victim is in danger, the lifeguard must assign jobs to nearby individuals, such as calling the police and retrieving the AED defibrillator.
  4. Chest Compressions. Thirty chest compressions are performed first.
  • Rescue Breath. Rest your hand on the victim's forehead, tilt their chin up, and perform the two rescue breaths.

After Ashley finishes explaining how to perform CPR, the Squad practice on the dummies.


  • Active Drowning refers to the state of the victim as they are found in the water, typically upright and treading water and trying to keep themselves above the water's surface. To rescue an active drowner, approach them from behind and move your arms under their armpits and life them up with your elbows in a tight hold.
  • Passive Drowning refers to the state of the victim as they are unconscious, usually in the late stages of drowning. To rescue a passive drowner, lift them up in the same way you would an active drowner, but make sure their head is not where yours is.

The Squad practices rescuing people, including a diver that hit their head in the shallow end, by strapping them into the backboard and strapping the buoys around their head, and how to safely get the victim in the backboard out of the water.


The Squad competes in a relay race that involves swimming across the pool, performing CPR, retrieving the buoy, strapping in the victim into the backboard, and removing them from the water.

  1. Shayne — 2:34
  2. Courtney — 2:58
  3. Keith — 3:36
  4. Noah — 3:37
  5. Olivia — 5:15


  • Shayne won in terms of the fastest time, but Ashley saw a couple of things she did not like.
  • Ashley liked how Noah placed the backboard underwater and beneath the victim to pick them up.
  • Olivia got over her fear of water while they were practicing.

However, in the end, with more training, Ashley would likely hire Courtney, primarily because of her relatively flawless execution of CPR. Specifically, Ashley noticed that she was the only one who designated roles to imaginary folks and, while she did not perform the full number of chest compressions, any number would theoretically suffice to get the heart pumping.

Fan Interaction

  • In the pinned comment, Smosh Pit commented: "What do you think of our new show, Day Jobs? What jobs do YOU want to see? Let us know!" It received over 2k likes.
  • Courtney commented: "I think I'll have to respectfully decline the job offer. Sorry! It's just that I can’t protect everyone's nuts" It received over 900 likes.


  • Ashley Ukleja is also Olivia's swimming instructor and Matt Raub's wife.
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