"My favorite Batman is the one that wears black!
Shut up!
—Shut Up! Opening
BATMAN SUCKS FOREVER (AKA Batman's a Bitch Forever) is a Smosh main channel video.


Batman's back, and he STILL sucks...


(incomplete; please add if you are able to do so accurately!)

Batman wearily enters the bathroom, not closing the door, and sits down on the toilet. He then gets furious, stands back up and yells at Robin about putting down the seat after he urinates. He points at a sign and yells to "please be a sweetie and put down the seatie." The words "Batman's A Bitch Forever" then appear and a voice says that Batman's a bitch. The transitional theme music then plays and the Batman symbol zooms in and out.

The next scene shows Batman sitting on a couch by the television and Robin typing on his laptop and Robin reading a novel. Batman becomes annoyed that Robin may have once again changed the password on his laptop, which Robin denies. From the exchange, it is obvious that Batman typed the password in wrong and he throws the laptop to the other side of the room so that his mistake is not made obvious, saying that if he could not do it, no one could.

The third scene show Batman going over to the air, seemingly miffed about how hot the room is. Robin comes over, asking him to not turn the air on.

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