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BAREFOOT LEGO PUNISHMENT is the 270th episode of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang and was released on November 17, 2017.


We play Dance Dance Revolution, and the loser has to DANCE ON LEGOS! If you think walking on Legos is bad, try dancing on them! This could be one of our worst punishments yet!


The bottom two players must dance barefoot on a dance mat covered in LEGO piece.


  • 1st - Boze (10755073 pts)
  • 2nd - Damien (7551731 pts)
  • 3rd - Flitz (5705917 pts)
  • 4th - Mari (4872489 pts)
  • 5th - Wes (2528571 pts)
  • 6th - Joven (2180952 pts)


  • This episode marks Boze's first individual win, 32 episodes after her Game Bang debut.
  • The game played was Damien's personal copy from when he was younger.

Fan Interaction

  • Damien commented saying 'You guys have no idea how happy I was to play this on the channel.

Now all that time-wasting I did as a teenager can be called "studying for a future job."

Which dance game is your favorite, DDR or Just Dance?' It received over 1.4K likes.

  • Boze commented saying: 'FINALLY A GAME I ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO PLAY!!! YAY' It received over 910 likes.