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Antoinette Padilla is Anthony's blond, younger sister and Ian's former girlfriend, who appears in a few episodes. She was a minor character in the Smosh videos.


While the storyline concerning Antoinette varies within the videos, a constant fact is that Antoinette likes to hang out with her older brother, Anthony.

In "Ian's First Girlfriend," her debut episode, Antoinette went on a date with Ian at dinner. Then, Brad, Antoinette's ex-boyfriend, came by and greeted Antoinette. He then bent down and looked under the table and asked Ian who he was. Ian just waved at Brad nervously. Brad then told Antoinette, "You know what? If you guys are so good for each other, why don't you get married?", and then left. Near the end, Antoinette and Ian went shopping for her wedding gown. At the shop, Antoinette opened the curtains and asked Ian how her gown looked. However, Ian did not answer, because he was still hypnotized. Antoinette then yelled that the wedding's off and that she never wanted to see Ian again. Anthony told the hypnotized Ian (whom he is carrying in a wagon) that he is sorry about Antoinette, but was happy that it is now just the both of them.

Antoinette also appeared in "Ian Is Pregnant", towards the beginning showing her and Ian's break up scene. Apparently, Anthony was videotaping the whole breakup (the camera was hidden in Ian's room). She appeared again in the same episode as the boyfriend of a fat person that Ian thought was pregnant.

Antoinette also made a minor appearance in "Boxman's First Girlfriend", though it is probably not her, as "she" was revealed to be a guy at the end of the episode.

Antoinette appeared in "Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig" and "Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3." Ian walked in to find Charlie on a date with Antoinette. Ian threw a beer can at her and knocked her out. In the 3rd instalment, Ian and Antoinette get back together until Charlie made out with her again. After a brief fight, Ian threw Charlie at her, knocking her unconscious.

In I SUCK AT DRAW SOMETHING!, Ian is still mad at Antoinette for the breakup, even though the breakup was mutual. Ian tried to draw his mom to get revenge on Antoinette, but wound up drawing an extremely deformed gorilla instead. The gorilla knocked her out and later tea-bagged her.

In Worst Proposals Ever, Ian proposed to Antoinette again and she accepted the ring. However, when she sneezed, Ian didn't bless her, so she called off the wedding. Later, Antoinette cried out loud because she changed her relationship status on Facebook to single and no one liked it.

In My Friend's Hot Sister, Ian tries to get in a better relationship with Antoinette to take it to the next level. However, Ian mislead by what it means thinking about a video game level making Antoinette upset and give the actual definition to Ian, which made him feel disgusted.

In I Have a Secret Son, Antoinette tries to tell Ian to help her take care of Kwan. After Ian realised Antoinette hasn't touched his right hand, he noticed that Kwan isn't their son. Moreover, she got surprised when Kwan revealed that he is her father.

In 22 Crazy Vines (That Don't Exist), she appears in these two clips:

  • In clip 11, she texts her Facebook friends to not use Facebook to complain about their lives since she's sick of it and thinks they're stupid, but then gets punched by Captain Falcon.
  • In clip 19, she tells her friends that she has decide to go on a diet the next day, and then stuffs herself with chocolate cake.

In Movies Vs Reality, she appears in the movie scene of genre #5: she is getting chased by a evil killer clown. She goes to her car, but does not move the car. The clown then appears and kills her. In the reality scene of the same genre, she drives away from the clown. As she is driving, she realizes that women drivers are bad drivers and that therefore she must crash, which Antoinette does, ending the scene.


  • Antoinette appeared with Anthony (who is her portrayer) in their picture, as shown in parts of "Ian's First Girlfriend."
  • Despite saying that she never wanted to see Ian again in "Ian's First Girlfriend," Antoinette got back together with Ian in "Anthony's Death", but she breaks up with him again in "Ian Is Pregnant." She gets back with Ian one final time in "I Have a Secret Son".
  • The poster with Antoinette and Anthony was on sale for a long time at the online Smosh Store.
  • Antoinette's relationship with Ian changes throughout videos.
  • Antoniette had blonde hair between 2009-2012, and from 2013-2014, she was a brunette.


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