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Anthony is Leaving Smosh is a special Smosh main channel announcement video. The video reached over 2 million views in less than 24 hours.


Anthony Padilla, with Ian Hecox beside him, officially announced in this video that he is leaving Smosh to become an independent creator. The two reminisce about their time on Smosh together and said that they would be reading comments and tweets from fans for the next couple of days, while having great things in store for the future.


  • On the day the video was uploaded, it was the #2 trending video and dipped to #3 in the early afternoon (PST). In the early evening, it became #2 once more and continued trending for two days.
  • Ian and Anthony reveal that Anthony had been planning on leaving Smosh for months, which may explain why Food Battle 2016 ended the way it did.
  • This is singlehandedly the Smosh video that has gotten the most likes and dislikes in 2017.
  • This video has gained a lot of controversies, causing Smosh to lose a large amount subscribers over the course of a few days, though regaining those subscribers.