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Adrian Hecox-Hendrix


Adrian Hecox
MMA, fight movies, metal music, motorcycles, being a douchebag, fighting, hitting on women, tattoos, baseball bats.
Having a childhood, Ian after asking him for his kidney
Sharon Hecox (Mother), Melissa Hecox (Sister), Ian Hecox (Twin Brother), Stephan Andrew Hecox (Father), Pierre Hecox (Cousin), Kwan Hecox (Son in Law), Melanie Moat (Ex-Sister in Law), Antoinette Padilla (Sister in Law), Abraham Lincoln (great great great great grandfather)
Date of birth:
November 30, 1987
Date of death:
April 2, 2011
Portrayed by:

Adrian Hecox-Hendrix (November 30, 1987- April 2, 2011 [aged 23]) was Ian Hecox's "twin brother" who was introduced in MEETING MY IDENTICAL TWIN!, and then few days later on Ian is Bored episode named I HAVE A BROTHER?!. His ghost was seen in main Smosh episodes Makeup For Men, 15 HOUR ENERGY! and If Movies Were Real. They have never met each other and Ian's mom wouldn't disclose the reasons and he thought they were separated at birth so they never actually met until Ian discovered him in his Family Tree and found his Facebook account and messaged him.

Ian and Him Meet

Ian calls and asks Adrian to come over to his house to hang out with Anthony and him. Adrian arrives riding a red motorcycle and then he drops it down, jumbled, leaving it there where he first meets Anthony, who is planning on filming a documentary about him and Ian as he replies "whatever" with a bad attitude. He enters the house admiring it and Ian enters the room as they finally meet for the first time and attempt to hug each other. After that they play basketball in the driveway but Adrian doesn't seem to like giving Ian the ball as he teases him and then throws the ball hard at him and leaving him. Next they played taboo with Anthony and a friend, Ian ask him something that fits in your hand and Adrian answered jelly beans which is correct, and then Anthony get mad and yells "This isn't fair, you guys are like the same f*cking person!" and runs away.

After that Ian ask him if his ready to finally meet his mom as he confidently replies "Hella!". After dinner, Adrian attempts to commit suicide because he thinks no one likes him, Ian says that he likes him and he needs him. Ian tries to make Adrian to sign a wavier so that he can donate one of his kidneys to Ian. Adrian gets mad thinking that Ian tricked him just so he can have his kidney. He gets up and leaves on his motorcycle pointing out his middle finger. Soon after, he is killed in a really gruesome motorcycle accident; thus Ian gets his new kidneys.


Adrian was a punk. He liked MMA, fighting movies and heavy metal music, being the complete opposite of Ian.


  • It is unknown if he or Ian is the older twin.
  • He is imaginary only in I HAVE A BROTHER?! and MEETING MY IDENTICAL TWIN!. He was created by Ian as an April Fools joke for the Smosh viewers. He is seemingly a real character in subsequent video appearances.


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