Astronaut Google Search Fail is a Smosh video released October 14, 2016.


Two astronauts get ready to launch a Google-sponsored space mission, but one forgets to clear their search history.

Gibson (Ian) and Carter (Anthony) are going on a space mission, flipping buttons in preparation for their mission in T-3 minutes. Their Google accounts are connected to the space craft for optimal communication, as Lucy, the computer, states and therefore Gibson quickly tries to delete his history. Carter tries to reassure him that watching porn is natural, as does Lucy. Carter tries to figure out what he searched and when he cannot, he asks Lucy for his most recent search, much to Gibson's chagrin. Lucy puts it on screen and Carter realizes Gibson does not know how to fly a "space plane" despite being the pilot. Gibson denies this. Lucy continues counting down. Carter then asks Lucy to look up Gibson's three most recent Google searches, and Gibson continues to say they do not need to do that, obviously nervous. Lucy speaks the questions asked, as well as putting them on-screen:

Directions to Mars

Is space good?

What flavor is space jam?

Carter declares that they are all going to die and Gibson retaliates by guessing Carter himself is not so perfect and asks Lucy for Carter's searches. Now Carter is nervous and his searches are put up on-screen:

How long can people survive without food?

Where to buy food in space

How to get your co-pilot to forgive you

It is realized by Gibson that Carter stress ate all the food and that they are doomed either way. Lucy continues trying to launch the space shuttle. Gibson starts trying to cancel the mission but Carter stops him, reminding him that if the mission is aborted, they will lose everything and be laughingstocks. They decide to use Lucy's autopilot but Lucy denies them the request. They argue with Lucy and become suspicious, resulting in them obtaining Lucy's google searches:

How to sneak into a space shuttle

How to hide inside a computer

How to sound like a robot.

Lucy finally says she has to make a confession. A panel opens behind a shocked Gibson and Carter and a girl in braids pops out. It is Carter's daughter, Lucy. Gibson is confused about Lucy's existence, believing she is a computer and Carter explaining it to him. A tearful Lucy tells Carter that she never sees him anymore because he is an astronaut. Carter realizes she snuck aboard the spaceship, dismantled the computer, therefore dooming the mission, and emulated its voice just to spend more time with him. An emotional Carter hugs her and when Gibson wonders how they will fly the "plane", Carter says they will do it with love, embracing Gibson and giving him a kiss on his head. Gibson is convinced that the mission will succeed and Lucy is in charge of the countdown. The shuttle takes off, turns over and blows up, killing everyone in it.

Shut up! Opening

Anthony: Are you an astronaut, 'cause you are out of this world.

Shut up!

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