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The video thumbnail featuring edited versions of Ian (left) and Shayne

ARE YOU MY DAD?! (The Show w/ No Name) is a March 6, 2018 upload of Smosh Pit's series The Show w/ No Name! This episode is hosted by Smosh co-founder Ian Hecox and Smosh Squad members Shayne Topp and Courtney Miller. It is also part of More On Smosh Week.

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Video Description:

Ian, Shayne, and Courtney answer the hard-hitting questions that YOU submitted!



Ian is seated on the left side of the sofa and Shayne is seated deadpanned next to Ian as Courtney is turned to Shayne on her side of the sofa and attempts to sing "YMCA" to Shayne, mumbling the words she does not know while moving her hands up and on Shayne's stomach while sometimes meeting Ian's moving hands, who looks somewhat bored. They slap Shayne's thighs and Courtney eventually punch-slaps his face and with that, his hat off his head, which elicits a crack in his facial expression. They begin slapping his collarbone area and Courtney laughs off-screen. The show name and video title appear, along with a "You're Welcome".