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"*SFX of a clock ticking rapidly and iOS notification sounds*"
SHUT UP! intro

Apple Watch Sucks is a Smosh video uploaded on March 13, 2015.


An Apple Employee tries to convince Anthony and Ian, that the Apple Watch is amazing.




  • Written by: Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox
  • Produced & Directed by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Todd
  • Director of Photography: John Jimenez
  • Edited by: Michael Barryte
  • Assistant Editor: Katie Reed
  • Post Supervision by: Ryan Finnerty
  • Coordinating Producer: Taryn McDonough
  • Camera Op: Ivan Harder | AC: Kyle Haubert
  • Sound: David Kauffman | Production Designer: Odin Abbott
  • Grips: Patrick Egan & Lee Eisenhower
  • Wardrobe: Felicia Cowley | Makeup: Paula Barkley
  • PA: Ryan Sweeney | DIT/Media Mgmt: Davon Davis
  • Color: Mike Burton
  • BTS: Phil Mohr


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