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"I just want to tell you my secret. Secret gameplan going in... it was the high knees. That's how you gotta do it."
—Sohinki explaining his strategy to viewers after his turn[src]

ANTHONY GOES SHIRTLESS WITH JILLIAN MICHAELS is the second episode of Game Bang. This episode, Ian, Anthony, Mari, Jovenshire, Lasercorn, and Sohinki dance against each other in Jillian Michaels' Fitness Adventure lest they suffer squat jacks in the Dress of Shame.

It was released on October 5, 2012, alongside the Top 5 episode NINTENDO GAMES THAT RUINED FRIENDSHIPS.


The gang gets together to play some work out game with Jillian Michaels.

Game Bang


Whoever gets the highest score wins, and the top five do not receive a punishment.


Rank Player names Time (Minutes)
1st Mari 3:04:76
2nd Jovenshire 3:35:61
3rd Sohinki 3:55:35
4th Lasercorn 4:17:04
5th Ian 6:45:00
1st Last Anthony 2:48:83

Despite receiving the highest score, Anthony's win was reversed to a loss on the grounds that because of the oddity of the game, anybody who would win such a game is a loser.


The lowest scoring person would have to do 50 squat jacks in the Dress of Shame. When Anthony was putting on the dress, Sohinki added that he must also sing "I'm a Little Tea Cup".



Achievement Won by Timestamp Won for
WORKOUT RAGE Ian 1:50 His squat jacks not being registered by the Kinect.
EXTREMELY OUT OF SHAPE Lasercorn 3:48 His lackluster physique and subsequent regrets.
SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT COMING Sohinki 5:50 Being the third in a row to be startled by the spikes.
SCARED OF MEDALS Jovenshire 7:21 Refusing to grab the medal collectibles.
THAT PUKE FEELING Mari 10:18 Exhaustedly lying on the floor after finishing her turn with the highest score and saying that she feels like she needs to throw up.
F__K MY LIFE Anthony 10:54 Cursing his life during his turn, already exhausted.

Slow Motion Cams

Title Time Description
TAKING IT TOO SERIOUSLY CAM 8:18 Jovenshire overcelebrating his time, which was, at that moment, the highest.
TAKING IT TOO SERIOUSLY CAM 11:39 Anthony overcelebrating his time and rank in 1st place by ripping apart his shirt, which had ripped during his turn.


  • This is the first and few Game Bangs in which the winner has ended up doing the punishment.
  • This is the first Game Bang where the "Previously on Game Bang..." sequence was used.
  • The turn order for this game was repeated in Just Dance 4 Hilarity! and Epic Smosh Rap Battle.
  • The music played at the end of Anthony's turn is John Philip Sousa's Liberty Bell (the theme from Monty Python's Flying Circus).
  • This is the first episode to feature a cross-dressing punishment, a trend that would continue to be repeated sporadically.
  • At multiple times throughout the episode, the motion camera briefly detected whoever was sitting behind the contender.
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