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ADULT TWISTER BANG is the ninety-fifth installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on 18th July 2014 on both and YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew, with Flitz as a guest, battle it out in Twister.


The three losing players will have to play round of shame wearing dresses.


1st = 3 pts, 2nd = 2pts, 3rd = 1 pt.

Round 1

Ian vs. Flitz vs. Lasercorn

  • 1st: Ian
  • 2nd: Lasercorn
  • 3rd: Flitz

Round 2

Jovenshire vs. Mari vs. Sohinki

  • 1st: Mari
  • 2nd: Sohinki
  • 3rd: Jovenshire

Round 3

Anthony vs. Ian vs. Flitz

  • 1st: Flitz
  • 2nd: Anthony
  • 3rd: Ian

Round 4

Lasercorn vs. Jovenshire vs. Mari

  • 1st: Jovenshire
  • 2nd: Lasercorn
  • 3rd: Mari

Round 5

Sohinki vs. Anthony vs. Ian

  • 1st: Sohinki
  • 2nd: Anthony
  • 3rd: Ian

Round 6

Flitz vs. Lasercorn vs. Jovenshire

  • 1st: Lasercorn
  • 2nd: Jovenshire
  • 3rd: Flitz

Round 7

Mari vs. Sohinki vs. Anthony

  • 1st: Anthony
  • =2nd: Mari (1.5)
  • =2nd: Sohinki (1.5)


  • =1st: Anthony (7)
  • =1st: Lasercorn (7)
  • 3rd: Sohinki (6.5)
  • 4th: Jovenshire (6)
  • 5th: Mari (5.5)
  • =6th: Ian (5)
  • =6th: Flitz (5)


  • On it was released as "Spreading Our Legs in Twister".
  • During the fifth round, the main theme from MariCraft can be heard in the background.
  • This is the first time Flitz has had to participate in a Dress of Shame punishment, as well his first punishment in general.
    • With this, Lasercorn is the only one to have not worn a dress on Game Bang.
  • This is probably one of the grossest Game Bangs in history, due to very 'suggestable positions'.
  • This is the second time that someone's privates are shown (but censored out) on a Game Bang (Ian and Flitz's privates specifically).
  • This is the first Dress Of Shame punishment where the losers are prohibited from wearing their clothes underneath.
  • This is the third Game Bang that does not feature a videogame (if one counts Let the Super Fight Begin and Our Super Fight Continues as one "Game Bang")
  • Had the group decided to give Mari 2 points and Sohinki 1 point, Joven, Mari, and Sohinki would have tied for 3rd, and would have to play one more twister to decide who would do the punishment.

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