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Adult Magic School Bus is a Smosh episode that was released on February 26, 2016.


The video begins off with a now adult Carlos (Anthony) walking through an alley, when suddenly Ms. Frizzle (Ian) appears in a car, children from "Magic School Bus" all now grown up. Mrs. Frizzle and the gang greet Carlos and asks him to join them. After a song, it is revealed, Mrs. Frizzle lost the bus.

It skips ahead, when Frizzle takes the group to her house. Asking them to pack all her belongings, and later, she mentions her marriage problems, and then her husband walks in, revealing they been divorced for 2 years. Causing Frizzle to leave with the group.

It is now revealed Ms. Frizzle has completely lost her mind, and believes she's still married even killing and burying Arnold for not going along with this (which the others didn't know about until the song mentions it, causing them to become more panicked).

Ms. Frizzle, in an state of insanity, shrinks the Magic Hyundai into her ex husband's body, to "show what a 55 year old man's cheating heart looks like". And without even reaching the heart, she sarcastically says "Guess there's nothing here but a cold cheating heart". And then says it's time to grow back to normal size, but Carlos tries to stop her, saying they're still in his body. "I KNOW!" Ms. Frizzle says evilly, and purposely pushes the grow button, murdering her ex husband and Mr. Frizzle's Wife yells "OH MY GOD!".

Ms. Frizzle than leaves the traumatized students on the side of the road. Tim, Wanda, Dorothy Ann sees Ralphie as Ralphie points out the oddness of STILL wearing his childhood style of clothing.


  • The video is based on the childrens' show, The Magic School Bus, that ran from 1994 to 1997.
  • Two other major characters from the show, Keesha and Phoebe, are missing in the video.
  • There is a uterus, Viagra and martini glass on Ms. Frizzle's dress.
  • Ralphie was reading a Playgirl magazine with a fake cover of Anthony in it, referencing the 2010 April Fools video.
  • If the Magic Hyundai is around the heart of Mr. Frizzle, then he should feel the Hyundai growing in his chest instead of his stomach.
  • The reason why the Smosh crew has a Hyundai instead of a Bus, it’s because they can’t own a bus.

Adult Magic School Bus/Transcript


Anthony Padilla as Carlos Ramon

Ian Hecox as Ms. Frizzle

Courtney Miller as Dorothy Ann

Olivia Sui as Wanda Li

Keith Leak II as Tim

Shayne Topp as Ralphie Tennelli

Noah Grossman as Arnold Perlstein



  • Carlos Ramon
  • Ms. Frizzle
  • Tim
  • Wanda Li
  • Ralphie Tennelli
  • Dorothy Ann
  • Arnold Perlstein
  • Ms. Frizzle's ex-husband
  • Ms. Frizzle's ex-husband's girlfriend


  • Ms. Frizzle's apartment building
    • Ms. Frizzle's apartment

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