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9 MOST HORRIBLE BOSSES is a Smosh main channel video.


In anticipation of the new film Horrible Bosses 2, we put together the top 9 most horrible bosses that most people will encounter in their lives. And you thought your boss was bad!


1 - The Buzz Word Boss

The first "horrible boss" (Ian) is explaining to his employee that all he has to do is "individualize your teamwork and synergize the paradigm shift in osmosis marketing for all [his] cross-promotions". The employee (Anthony) is still confused, but the boss slaps him on the shoulder and says they've had a good talk, then shouting "game changer!" The employee responds to that with a faint "yeah!"

2 - The Bro Boss

An employee (Ian) is filling out a form, until he is hit with a football by his sports-minded boss (Anthony). The employee is worried that the football might've broken his nose, the boss dismisses it and asks for the reports he wanted. The boss then tells the employee to "pound it", only to warn him to wash his hands because the employee "doesn't know where his boss's fist has been".

3 - The Tries Too Hard to Be Your Friend Boss

The next "horrible boss" (Anthony) rolls over to his employee (Ian)'s desk asking why he hasn't accepted his friend request yet. The employee tells him that they're not friends, but his boss reassures him, saying that they can go back to his basement, since it is "super tricked out" and his mother can make them Eggplant Lasagna with Parm Flakes. The boss puts more emphasis on "Parm Flakes" and food-gasms about it. The employee then gets back to work, only for his boss to wonder if it's a "yes" or not.

4 - The Micromanaging Perfectionist Boss

A nervous employee (Anthony) and his boss (Brittni Barger) try to staple some papers together. After the employee staples it, his boss gets angry and throws him (along with everything on her desk) to the floor, frustrated about having to do everything herself. The employee then lets out a faint "Ow, my dick!".

5 - The Pervy Pervster Boss

An employee (Brittni Barger) is working on many things while at her cubicle, but her boss (Ian) keeps getting distracted by her breasts every time he walks by. The boss goes by the employee's cubicle two times, but the third time, she is right next to him. Her boss quickly says "I like your boobs!" and runs off.

6 - The Doesn't Understand Technology Boss

An employee (Ian) is teaching his boss (Anthony) how to move the cursor on a computer. The employee instructs him to use "that white piece of plastic right there" (the mouse), but his boss picks up the stapler instead. He puts down the stapler and says that computers are hard.

7 - The Miiiiiight Have a Drug Problem Boss

The next "horrible boss" (Ian) goes up to her employee, stuttering and snorting, asking to borrow $5,000 from him. The employee (Anthony) says he doesn't have that kind of money. His boss then picks up his laptop, shouting that she needs it more than him. She then runs off with it, and in the process, clearing his desk. Following this, the employee asks "Seriously?!"

8 - The Video Game Boss

An employee (Ian) walks out of a room after talking to another employee, then is approached by his boss (Anthony), who has a Windows-style life force bar in front of him. The employee, after shifting through four other choices (on a Windows-style screen), selects to ask for workman's comp after hurting his foot in an accident. This completely drains the boss's power and he then dies. The words "Boss defeated!" are then heard.

9 - The Super Hot Boss Everybody Thinks Would Be Cool to Have But It's Creepy as F*ck When They're Actually Your Boss... Boss

An employee (Anthony) is standing in a break room, eating an energy bar. His boss (Brittni Barger) then approaches him, complementing her employee on how he "uses his mouth on that thing" and then asks for a bite as she starts licking the bar in a sexual manner. The employee says he has to use the bathroom, his boss asks if she can watch, but the employee responds in a disgusted manner after listening to her eating the bar.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Brittni Barger


9 Most Horrible Bosses/Script


  • This video was made to promote the film Horrible Bosses 2
  • In tip #1, the photo of Ian as a Girl (used in previous videos, and most recently in Guns Suck) is seen on the employee's desk.
  • In tip #3, the photo of Ian's "family" (as seen in a previous video) is seen on the employee's desk, near his computer.
  • In tip #7, the wooden eagle structure from SLEEPING PILL DISASTER is seen behind the employee. It is mostly noticeable at 2:34.
  • The Video Game Boss has 27 Hit Points.
  • In tip #8, the suggestions listed as possible reactions for Ian to use against his boss include:
    • "Avoid eye contact. Walk away. Get back to work."
    • "Request workman's compensation for a recent injury." (This was the reaction Ian chose.)
    • "Engage in awkward small talk about the upcoming Christmas party."
    • "Duck into the bathroom to passive-aggressively tweet about work."

Shut Up! Opening

"(Office ambience) SHUT UP!"