6 PEOPLE IN A TINY CAR - JACK IN THE BOX MUKBANG is the 144th episode of Smosh Pit's Squad Vlogs. The opening animated screen alternatively titles the video as "Jack in the Fiat".


The six of us thought it would be a great idea to all cram into Courtney's stupidly tiny Fiat 500 and eat as much Jack in the Box as we possibly could. It was an experience I'll never forget. For better and worse. Do you want to see more like this? Let us know in the comments what we should do next or where we should go next!




  • Editor: Courtney Miller[1]


The Smosh Squad is hungry (according to Courtney), and Ian explains that they figured "Why not put everyone in the smallest car possible?" and now they have all piled into Courtney's Fiat car. Ian also points out that the smallest person present (Olivia) was placed in the passenger seat, and wonders aloud if they will order everything off the menu. On the drive to a nearby Jack in the Box, Shayne mentions has not been to a Jack in the Box in ten years. Olivia talks about how she would get Jack in the Box before golf lessons when she was little and that she hasn't played golf since she was six. Keith asks if anyone knows what they are going to order; Ian speculates that they may order one of everything.

The Smosh Squad's full order.

When they arrive, the group throws out various ideas on what they should order, such as egg rolls, the all-day breakfast, and tacos (which Ian is adamant about). Keith complains that he cannot even see the menu, leading to everyone having the idea to order random numbers and see what they get. They order their food (full order viewable on the left), with the total price coming at $56.87. Halfway through, the woman taking their order thought that she was being pranked (everyone affirms otherwise, allowing them to finish the order). When they arrive at the window, the woman who took their order apologizes and explains that someone had driven through earlier and sprayed pepper spray through the window, much to everyone's surprise. The group gets their food and parks somewhere to eat.

Bags and boxes of food are passed around as everyone compares and reacts to what they ordered. It is discovered that Courtney's burger did not arrive, so Ian offers to trade and Olivia offers to return to the restaurant, but Courtney declines. Ian suggests that everyone try a taco since he is not sure if Jack in the Box tacos have a questionable amount of actual meat. Everyone proceeds to eat their food in silence (minus the sound of crunching and wrappers) while making humorous faces at the camera and each other before sharing their food and expressing their thoughts on the food.

Everyone eating.

Olivia shows to the camera a perfectly curly fry that Keith snatches and eats. Olivia soon discovers that her pancakes were also not delivered. The group continues eating and checking if anything else was forgotten. Churros are passed around and everyone agrees that they are good. Courtney drops one of the burgers on her lap and part of the steering wheel, much to everyone's dismay. Egg rolls are brought out as well; Ian eats his in such a way that Noah compares to a whale breaching and Olivia eats one bite of hers out of the side. Olivia finds and even better curly fry that Shayne snatches and eats.

Everyone starts to get a bit woozy; Ian mentions that he is "sweating [his] tushy off" in the back, prompting Courtney to turn on the air conditioner; Shayne starts making wide-eyed expressions everywhere and the camera, Olivia rests her head against the dashboard; and Noah mentions neck pain. Noah also mentions that he is still looking for a straw for his coffee. Courtney hands him a straw. Shayne mentions doing something similar to this on Olivia's channel.

Shayne announces that everyone needs to "crap [their] pants", so they will end the video to do just that. Ian suggests to viewers to leave suggestions for locations for similar videos in the future. Shayne suggests that they could pile into a Smart car and drive to a Panda Express.

The outro screen is a short clip of everyone try to crowd into a bathroom. Keith manages to squeeze in and, despite everyone's desperate protest, pulls his pants down to use the toilet as everyone rushes in to tackle him.



  • This is the second episode of Squad Vlogs that was edited by Courtney, after WE INVADED IAN'S HOUSE.
  • At 8:57, Ian exclaims "First bite!" before eating, a reference to Lunchtime with Smosh.
  • This video has a similar premise to one of Olivia's videos on her personal channel, WE TRY EVERYTHING ON THE DOLLAR MENU, in which they go on a binge at a local fast food restaurant. Shayne mentions this at 14:31.
  • This video was likely uploaded to capitalize on the long-term popularity of mukbang videos.


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