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6 PEOPLE 1 DONUT is a Smosh video released on the August 14, 2015.

August 14, 2015
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After a long business meeting, 6 friends have two things on their mind; who should get the last donut, and why the hell Janice always smells like soup.


Ian, Anthony, Noah, Keith, Shayne & Olivia are sitting through a business meeting, when it ends, Ian asks if anyone wanted the last donut, but everyone says no, however, in everyones thoughts, they keep thinking about why they want the donut. Noah's thoughts explain that he wants it, but he's already had 5 & doesn't want the others to think of him as a pig, however, Shayne's thoughts say he already does think Noah's a pig. Olivia thinks that if she plays it cool then the others would definitely let her have it since she's the only girl. Anthony really wants to eat it, but his pants are way too tight. Ian's wondering if donut's spelled D-O-Nut or D-O-U-G-H-Nut.

The groups thoughts are interrupted when their co-worker, Janice enters & asks for her donut, which gets a response of 'NO!' from the others. After Janice leaves, Keith wonders why she always smells like soup, Anthony telepathically responds to Keith thinking he was the only 1 who noticed, Noah joins in the telepathic conversation, pointing out that he's never seen Janice eat soup, Ian wonders if she bathes in soup, Shayne points out that bathing in soup's ridiculous. When Anthony wonders what soup would make the best bath, Olivia telepathically tells him tomato. Noah thinks tomato soup might be a good lubricant, but Ian says that from personal experience, that tomato soup works better as an exfoliant.

Olivia notices Keith trying to eat the donut, he tries giving it to Olivia because she's the only girl. Anthony wonders if he has a looser pair of pants in his desk, Ian points out that Anthony only wears "Dick Huggers". When Anthony disagrees, Ian says he can literally see the outline of his penis, but Anthony reveals that it's actually his new penis shaped phone.

Janice walks by & sees the group messing around through a window, when she asks what they're doing, the group tell her to beat it, Noah accidentally calls her 'Soup Girl', causing Anthony, Ian & Olivia to ridicule him, Olivia also reveals that they call Ian 'Playground Equipment Hands', but Ian argues that his hands don't smell like playground equipment, but he quickly notices that they do.

Keith notices Olivia trying to eat the donut & he also notices Noah messing around with the Penis Phone. Shayne points out that they need to do something about the donut or they'll be there all day, Anthony comes up with an idea to each grab part of the donut & pull it apart into equal pieces, when Noah gets on Ian's nerves, Ian pimp slaps him. The group each grab part of the donut, but when they pull it apart, they notice the donut's filled with soup, when Janice enters & tells them it's her donut, she quickly notices Ian touched the donut as it smells like playground equipment.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Keith Leak II

Noah Grossman

Shayne Topp

Courtney Miller

Olivia Sui

Joe Bereta


  • This is the only video in which Noah, Keith, Shayne, and Olivia all play themselves.
  • This is the only video where everyone talks in a telepathic conversation.
  • This video generally got positive reviews.