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31 LAST MINUTE DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES is a Smosh main channel upload that was released October 18, 2017. It is the second 2017 Halloween themed video after the previous video, EVERY HAUNTED HOUSE EVER.


Ian and Courtney show you 31 last minute DIY Halloween costumes! These fun, cheap, and easy DIY costume ideas are perfect for Halloween! Nothing else to see here, folks!


Hence the video's title, the video consists of 13 DIY costume ideas rather than 31. The video specifically consists of exaggerations of Do It Yourself costumes, many of them being unrelated to Do It Yourself costume ideas. For brief moments of the video, Ian and Courtney slightly argue over what should be said and done during the presenting of the next Do It Yourself costume ideas. Halfway through the video, the disagreements mostly consist of Ian wanting to get more intimate with Courtney but Courtney disapproving as she is not interested in Ian romantically and wants to continue on with the video. Ian is upset but eventually they play a game of tossing an armed gun to each other with Ian dying afterwards. Courtney then regrets not giving in to Ian's romantic advances.

Fans' reaction

The comments included viewers saying that the video was bad and Smosh should either quit making videos or make videos similar to what they used to. Some even gave suggestions on what type of content Smosh should do. Comments also consisted of positive comments about the video and even the shipping of Ian and Courtney.

Some Smosh fans disapproved of the shipping however and some arguments between the shippers and the disapprovers occured.

Some unrelated comments about Smosh or the video was made as well.


  • This is the second Smosh main sketch video Courtney expresses her love for Ian after SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY AS A HORROR MOVIE and the first Ian expresses his for Courtney.
  • Ian attempted to propose to Courtney in the video. Ian has done it to Anthony and other side characters before.
  • At 2:14 of the video, Ian dies.
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