Ian: "We hit 20 million."
Anthony: "20 million!"
Ian: "That's ridiculous, guys. You guys are the best."
Anthony: "That's more people than I can fit in this house."
Ian: "That's more people than I can fit in my mouth."
—Ian and Anthony amazed at the milestone achieved

20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!! is a Smosh video released on April 6, 2015. The video has Smosh members, fans, and various fellow YouTubers doing the "serious dance" to celebrate the Smosh channel reaching 20 million subscribers on YouTube since their debut over 9 years prior to this video.


THANK YOU SOO MUCH for the support over the years! This never would have been possible without you guys and we appreciate you all more than words! To celebrate, let's all do the serious dance!


Dancing Guests


  • Rhett McLaughlin, Link Neal & Tay Zonday dance while record filmed Song Biscuits Episode 13 of Rhett & Link (You Can't Zoom In On Instagram Song).
  • Smosh's 2005 Pokemon music video appears during the serious dance.
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