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16-Bit High School was a Smosh Games animated webseries, which aired from March 8 to August 3, 2014.

The show originally aired every other Saturday but then every other Sunday during its twelve episode run.


The series follows four video game inspired characters as they try to survive gaming's toughest challenge: High School.


Episodes generally range from 3 to 4 minutes.

  1. Zelda's Fourth Triforce
  2. Power Ups Are Bad
  3. Pokemon Slave Ring
  4. Game Genie Ruined My Life
  5. Metal Gear Alcoholic
  6. Final Fantasy Dragon Mystic Warrior Quest
  7. Physical Platformer Education
  8. Mega Kid VS Dr Wirey
  9. Worship Kratos or Die
  10. Excite Biker Gang
  11. Mega Kid Brings a Blaster To School
  12. Goombas Are People Too


Main Characters

  • Jimmy Spartan - a character similar to Master Chief from the Halo series, possibly his son. Jimmy is portrayed as brave, arrogant, and somewhat egotistic. He has an obsession with weapons and killing aliens, has a crush on Princess Epona and seems to be best friends with Mega Kid.
  • Maria - a character really similar to Mario from the Mario Bros. franchise, she is Mario's daughter. Maria is the voice of reason towards her friends. Though she has broken a few of her own rules such as getting addicted to power ups, despite saying that she, Mega Kid, Princess Epona, and Jimmy will never use them again.
  • Mega Kid - a character similar to Mega Man from the Mega Man series, it was implied that Mega Man is his father, but it wasn't confirmed. He is the nerd of the show and seems to be best friends with Jimmy.
  • Princess Epona - a character similar to Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series, while her name comes from Link's horse. She is possibly Zelda and Link's daughter. She is the alpha bitch of the show and Jimmy has a crush on her.

Minor Characters

  • Navi - most of the time is seem flying around Epona, and can be considered a cameo since she has never done anything important or has even been noticed by any other characters. She is based on the character of the same name from the Legend of Zelda series.
  • Miss C - a teacher at the school who was seen in multiple episodes, known for busting students when they're doing something out of the rules: she sent Epona, Mega Kid, Maria and Jimmy to GLaDYS's (the principal) office when they were using power ups and complained with Maria when she saw her breaking a brick wall, although she was just getting her lunch money.
  • Principal GLaDYS - the principal of the school, based on the character GLaDOS from the Portal series. She treatened to kill the students with her deadly neurotoxins when they used power ups, but decided to save it for another time when they claim that they've learned a lesson. She also has a cake on her desk as a reference to the game.
  • Black Mage, Cloud, Terra and Chocobo - Black Mage was seem as a cameo as a student in multiple videos. His appearance was important when Jimmy an Mega Kid were trying to get to Epona's Castle and Black Mage, Terra and Cloud handed them their Chocobo so they could get there faster, after a battle in Final Fantasy style. After that, in 'MEGA KID VS DR WIREY', Black Mage was seem again in Dr. Wirey's class, but this time, Cloud was also with him. Dr. Wirey's robot accidentally lit Cloud on fire. He then started running and ran offscreen, so his current state is unknown.
  • Dr. Wirey - He was set in 16-Bit High as a substitute teacher. In his class, he lit a student (Cloud) on fire by accident, but then he made the robot create cotton candy, and everyone forgot about the fire, except Mega Kid. He realized that Dr. Wirey was the end boss who was trying to kill his father for years. After Mega Kid confronted him, he explained that he may have been an end boss in the past, but that he has changed to the good side, and even created a robot which can cure cancer (but Mega Kid destroyed it, thinking that it was a killer robot).
  • Fairy - she lived in a chamber that is acessible by a pipe in the school, and is known as a shortcut to the room where Epona kept her "Bitch Triforce". She was killed by Jimmy (thinking the fairy was an alien) when he, Mega Kid and Maria where in her chamber. After getting shot, she said that she just wanted to give them full health.
  • Pacman and Ghosts - Pacman was seem in 'ZELDA'S FOURTH TRIFORCE' walking around the school with glasses and being followed by the ghosts. He ate a cherry and the ghosts got scared and ran away, Pacman following them. This was a reference to the game they appear in, where the ghosts try to eat Pacman but if he eats a cherry they will get scared and run from him, and he will get the ability to eat him. A blue ghost also appeared in 'WORSHIP KRATOS OR DIE'.


  • Jack Douglass as Jimmy Spartan
  • Hannah Hart as Maria
  • Jimmy Wong as Mega Kid
  • Haley Manici as Epona
  • Tanya Bartlett as Miss C
  • David Moss as Old Sober Snake
  • Joshua Ovenshire as Kiltos Jr
  • Mari Takahashi as Vice Principal Brain
  • Matt Sohinki as Captain Hawk
  • Jon Bailey as Coach
  • Nancy Daly as Principal GLaDYS and Fairy
  • Dino Andrade as Dr. Wirey, Prince of Arabia and Lawyer
  • Joe Bereta as Blue Soldier, Dinosaur and Kiltos
  • Joe Gressis as Red Soldier and Water Turtle Monster
  • Jack Douglass as Orange Surfer
  • Lexi Jourden as Fat Monster
  • N/A as Evolved Fat Monster
  • N/A as Navi
  • N/A as Pacman
  • N/A as Ghosts
  • N/A as Black Mage
  • Unknown as Terra
  • Unknown as Cloud
  • Unknown as Game Genie
  • Unknown as Yoshi
  • Sammy Sonny as Mega Son (Episode 3 only)
  • John Fredhead as Mega Son 2

Notes and Trivia

  • The series features many famous videogame characters, mostly as cameos, including:
    • Pacman and Ghosts from Pacman
    • Squirtle from Pokémon (although he's credited as "Water Turtle Monster")
    • GLaDOS from Portal (although she's credited as "Principal GLaDYS")
    • Terra, Cloud, Black Mage and Chocobo from Final Fantasy
    • Yoshi from Super Mario Bros.
    • Snake from Metal Gear (credited as Old Sober Snake)
    • Navi from The Legend of Zelda (although never credited, so it can't be sure if it's really her)
      • And, though it was never formally confirmed, all the main characters have already been hinted (by talking, and by their looks, powers and personalities) to be children of famous videogame protagonists (remember, it's just speculation):
        • Maria is the daughter of Mario from Super Mario Bros.
        • Jimmy Spartan is the son of Master Chief from Halo
        • Mega Kid is the son of Mega Man from Mega Man
        • Princess Epona is the daughter of Princess Zelda and Link from The Legend of Zelda