10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! is an irregular Smosh video uploaded on May 26th, 2013


Ian and Anthony thanks their fans but then does a dare after hitting ten million subscribers on their main Smosh channel.


Ian thanks the audience for subscribing. Anthony told the audience how the ten million subscribers is crazy because when they started posting YouTube videos, they had no idea it would happen. Smosh wants to thank the subscribers and they love them. All of the sudden, a fan, Ryan Todd, that lives secretly in the house tried to remind Ian and Anthony about the promise they made which they didn't what he was talking about. The guy filmed the promise and told them to look at it.

The guy was filming this while hiding in a plant. On December of 2010, Smosh checks their YouTube channel and saw that they had at least two million subscribers which they high-fives each other. Ian tells Anthony to imagine what it would be like if they got ten million subscribers which Anthony thought they would never get. Ian still asked what would happen if they got that many which Anthony said that he'll whip out his d**k, do the helicopter, and make a video of it to post it on YouTube which Ian agreed to do the same thing and thought they wouldn't get that many subscribers.

Back in the present, while the guy was filming them now, Anthony admits that they got ten million subscribers and that they have to do the promise. Ian and Anthony decided to do as they promise by unzipping the top of their pants and reach down to their d**cks. When they were doing the helicopter, only a horror face of themselves flash rapidly with a deranged shriek.

Ian and Anthony thanked the subscribers and Ian apologized for not showing their d**ks and will show them once they hit fifty million subscribers which Anthony agreed and the guy said that he would meet them at fifty million and left. Ian decided it would be safer if they get a hundred billion subscribers which the guy changes his mind meeting them at a hundred million. After that, Ian cursed at him.


Anthony Padilla as Himself

Ian Hecox as Himself

Ryan Todd


10 Million Subscribers!/Script



  • This is an irregular Smosh video, uploaded on a Sunday.
  • Smosh is the first YouTube channel to attain 10,000,000 subscribers.
  • Ian and Anthony look like their 2009-2010 season selves during the clip on the random guy's phone.
  • This is the Ryan Todd (the random guy)'s 2nd appearance, his first was in Sleeping Pill Disaster as a wood collector. Most of his later appearances are either random characters or Stevie.
  • The video contains jumpscares at the part where Ian and Anthony (were supposed to) take out and show their d**ks.
  • Most of their subscribers started subscribing to their channel less than a year prior since 5,000,000 Subscribers! which was released in July of 2012.
  • This the third video that Smosh made to celebrate achieving a certain amount of subscribers.


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