100th EPISODE SPECIAL - HAMSTER KATAMARI is (as the title suggests) the 100th installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on 22nd August 2014 on both and YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew battle in a game created by them with hamster balls in teams of three. The rules were that one person was to get inside the ball and others were to push the ball to throw the enemy's ball out of the battle circle. After the first round the rules were changed so teammates cannot push their team ball, they have to push the enemy ball instead.


Losing team is going to get inside the ball together and be pushed from the hill.


Note: Winning team had to win 3 rounds out of 5 but as the first round ended in draw, they started counting from round two.

  • Round 1 (Mari and Sohinki in ball)
    • Round ended as draw
  • Round 2 (Ian and Lasercorn in ball)
    • Winner: Team Socornthany
  • Round 3 (Jovenshire and Anthony in ball)
    • Winner: Team Socornthany
  • Round 4 (Mari and Sohinki in ball)
    • Winner: Team Socornthany

Final Score

  1. Team Socornthany (Sohinki, Lasercorn, Anthony) - 3 wins
  2. Team Marianshire (Mari, Ian, Jovenshire) - 0 wins


  • Coincidentally, the two teams consisted of the top three players and bottom three players respectively in Smosh Game Bang history, so far. As one would expect, team with the best players won the challenge. It is the second episode where this has happened (the first being Protect the Flag).
    • Another thing to note is that in both episodes, Mari, Ian and Jovenshire's team lost ALL of their matches while Anthony, Lasercorn and Sohinki's team won all of theirs.
  • It was the second time someone from the losing team avoided the punishment as Mari was injured in the last round and Ian with Jovenshire decided to not include her in punishment.
    • Coincidentally both times were Mari
    • This is also the first time a player has been genuinely injured in a Game Bang
  • For the first time in Smosh Game Bang history, the crew plays a game that is entirely of their own invention, not any existing video, card, etc. game.

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