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1-2 Switch or Dare Tournament! - Part 2 is a Smosh Games video released on September 27, 2019. It is the second-part of a 2-part tournament.

Video Description

Our epic Switch Or Dare tournament continues! This time, the punishments get weirder and two champions will emerge!



The loser of each round had to do a punishment selected by the winner.


Round One (Cont.)

  • Lasercorn Vs Ian
  • Damien Vs Sarah
  • Courtney Vs Spencer
  • Mari Vs Tommy
  • Matt Vs Shayne

Round Two

  • Damien Vs Lasercorn
  • Matt Vs Tommy
  • Courtney Vs Lasercorn

Fan Interaction

  • Lasercorn commented: "Mari deserves props for eating that pepper. About an hour after the video I saw her lying on the couch in pain. It was a spicy one." It received over 1.7K likes.