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1-2 Switch or Dare Tournament! is a Smosh Games video released on September 20, 2019. It is the first-part of a [[2-part tournament.

Video Description

We gathered the whole Smosh family for an epic game of Switch or Dare and the punishments got REAL weird.



The loser of each round had to do a punishment selected by the winner.


Round One

  • Lasercorn Vs Ian
  • Damien Vs Sarah
  • Courtney Vs Spencer
  • Mari Vs Tommy


  • The day after the video was filmed, Damien got sick and Sarah got sick a week later.

Fan Interaction

  • Sarah commented saying: "This video cost me an Urgent Care visit and a full week of sickness 😫😫😫" It received over 2.5K likes.
  • Damien commented saying: "Sarah: Spit in my mouth!
    Also Sarah: gets sick surprised Pikachu meme
    " It received over 640 likes.
  • A fan commented: "damien’s reaction when he accidentally punched sarah’s hand, so cute :,)"
    • Damien replied: "I'm fine with getting her sick, but smashing fingies is where I draw the line."
  • Another fan commented: "Mari being a mom when Courtney insulted herself makes me smile.

Damien definitely doesn't need more training but papa Ian does 😂😂 also loving Spencer and Tommy being in this video."

    • Courtney replied: "I love my family"
  • One fan commented: "The fact that Damien got Sarah sick was the cherry on top of that segment."
    • Damien replied: "Um, Sarah got herself sick by forcing me to spit in her mouth. It should be common knowledge at this point that at any given time, I'm probably sick."
  • A fan commented: "Courtney has been officially outed as a real life wizard"
    • Courtney replied: "Eric Cipolla A WEETCH"
    • Damien replied: "@Courtney Miller Oy you lot! Y'haven't seen a dragon round here, have ye?"
  • Another fan commented: "Another edition of Damien Haas being the sweetest dude on the planet"
    • Damien replied: "Balancing kindness and germ warfare is totally my brand."
  • One fan commented: "Awww Damien instantly “ARE YOU OKAY? ARE YOU OKAY?” What a sweetheart" and another replied: "He is still apologizing til this day"
    • Damien replied: "@Rusty2FTW No, I'm answering comments right now. But as soon as I'm done, I'll probably get right back to apologizing."
  • A fan commented: "How dare you guys end on a cliffhanger of that caliber?"
    • Damien replied: "Because there was too much good stuff to fit into one video! I very much look forward to next week."
  • Another fan commented: ""I'll spit water on you"
    "Do you care?"
    I can't, this is too funny.
    and then Sarah emphasizing that he had to spit in her mouth
    • Damien replied: "Right???! And then she's totally shocked she got sick."
  • One fan commented: "I think one of the things I love best about Smosh now is getting to see "behind-the-scenes" Smosh fam members on screen so often. I love them ❤"
    • Damien replied: "We're one big ol' happy family!"
  • A fan commented: "I can't understand how can Sarah be so beautiful❣"
    • Courtney replied: "Maraya NN ikr"