1,000,000 Subscribers! is a Smosh video uploaded and released to YouTube and on August 28, 2009.


At the beginning of the video, the original Smosh duo, Ian and Anthony, thanks to their subscribers and are excited for the future of Smosh now that their subscriber count is over a million.

Less than ten seconds into the video, a young, overweight Asian man named Phuong comes into the room Ian and Anthony are recording this video in and asks "Excuse me, Mr. Smosh boys, my hand is hurt from subscribing to channel, can I take a break?".

Ian asks frantically to Anthony, "How did he get out here? Did you leave it unlocked again?!".

Anthony then takes Phuong out of the room quickly in an angry manner so he can continue making thousands or more fake accounts to subscribe to Smosh and not make Phuong expose their subscriber botting on camera.

Sadly, Phuong again asks for himself to go on a break and Anthony yells "NO BREAK UNTIL YOU MAKE US PASS FRED!", whose YouTube channel was the second most subscribed at that time, not long after being first for nearly a year.

Realizing that would take much time and energy, Phuong quits and demands Anthony to get him out of the Smosh house.

Anthony, furious about Phuong not complying to his orders, he yells "DAMN IT, PHUONG!" and shoots him three times, killing him which startles and upsets Ian.

Anthony comes back in the room with a smile on his face and his shirt ripped and covered in blood with Ian shocked and speechless by what he had just done. Anthony then thanks to the Smosh fans for subscribing again and states that Smosh has a new job opening and if interested, leave your resume in the comments.


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